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A home automation system usually combines a range of systems relating to entertainment, outdoor controls, climate control, lighting and more too. In this day of modern technology it is now possible to have an advanced and completely integrated home automation system.

How we do it?

At Solutions IN we act as facilitators who coordinate the needs and desires of the end users with the services of the manufacturers, the architects, the building designers and act on your behalf as the building project managers. All of this to set up an integrated electrical home automation system to operate with just a push of a button, or even hands free when needed.

Live smart now!

Why Solutions IN

Solutions In, take your needs and translate them into the technical language required by the architects, interior designers and project managers.


Rational energy consumption

When you are at home, it is cost-effective in saving money in that it will automatically turn your lights on and off as needed.


You will be able to view security cameras or make sure that your children and family members are okay.



When you arrive home, your home will be light, comfortable and welcoming, having been programmed ahead of time.


Smart Home

Whether you are at home or away, you can always access your integrated home automation system.

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